Piano Rental Houston
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We provide the best value & quality piano and guitar rentals as well as lessons in your home in Houston through our Houston-based company Teachers 2 Go.

Check out our company site for more info: www.Teachers2GoHouston.com

Rentals for our students start as low as $55/month (see photos) for premium quality instruments.  Please call 713-789-2352 for more information.
Teachers 2 Go

Piano Rental In Houston

Finding a piano rental in Houston is an extremely wise decision if you wish to learn to play the piano and take piano lessons. Renting has gained popularity recently because it is very cost effective when compared to purchasing a new piano. In fact, we pride ourselves on the value of quality and cost of the pianos we provide to rent, and we can provide you with other musical instruments like acoustic guitars as well. Additionally, it is usually feasible for you to return a rented piano if you are ready to make a purchase and replace it with one that is new or permanent. Convenient delivery and pickup will also be quoted in the price.  Mainly though, if you go with a piano rental in Houston, you don't have to invest as much cash as you would when purchasing a brand new or used piano.

Music has the strength to cure, to attach and doesn't recognize any man-made limitations of nation, race, faith or gender. Music can be noticed within the swells of the ocean, within the running water or inside through the rustle of leaves. Music is everywhere and no-one will go unblemished from the wonder of music.

It is usually great idea to think about a piano rental in Houston if you wish to arrange a special function. We have our own alternatives in Houston for pianos which can be hired for any sort of function or event. A piano rental for a wedding ceremony, birthday celebration, or funeral service can also add value depending on your function. We can help you select the right instrument that you would like to have for your Houston event, and will make sure that the piano reaches the venue of the function in fine condition.

In addition to piano rental in Houston, we can also offer on-site professionals to examine the piano prior to the start of occasion and make modifications as required. We can also assist you to find a pianist if you don’t currently already have one. You may also acquire a particular size of in-home piano if you've got limited space for this. Piano rental allows you to delight in all the advantages of a piano spanning a keyboard at a really low cost. If you believe purchasing a piano is costly, you should consider a Houston piano rental.

Human beings make use of an assortment of musical instruments to produce music and therefore the piano is one such musical instrument that assists with making a marvelous and affectionate environment in your home. The Piano is called the “father of all musical instruments.” It was first created by Bartolomeo Cristifori in Florence, Italy and was initially known as the Pianoforte, which means “loud and quiet” in Italian.

Using a piano rental in Houston, the ultimate cost will depend upon the rental duration together with the age, design and scale of the piano. Our special prices per month are the most reasonable in town for the quality of pianos we provide, and are offered exclusively to our clients taking piano lessons.  Even if you are considering a keyboard or electronic piano the price would be greater, and you would sacrifice the experience, feel and joy of having a real piano in your home. Professional grade console piano rentals will normally start at about $110 per month, but we provide special pricing to our in-home lesson clients of just $55 per month.  Please call for more information.

Looking for Piano Lessons or Guitar Lessons in Houston?

Teachers 2 Go is a Houston-based company with a network of over 175 instructors that come to teach in your home or at your location.  We teach everything from music, academic tutoring, and languages to fine arts and cooking in your home!  From piano lessons, dance lessons, & cooking instruction to math tutoring, chemistry tutoring, and Spanish lessons - we have a teacher for every subject, level, and age group in your family.

We have the largest network of the best professional musicians and music instructors in the Houston area, and hundreds of satisfied clients that have been with us for years.  We would be happy to provide references. 

All music lessons, whether piano lessons or guitar lessons etc.,  are usually once a week.  More than once a week is not usually necessary, unless you are competing or auditioning.  Our instructors will provide you with plenty of material to practice on for a week.  If you are auditioning and need extra help, we can certainly do more frequent lessons to help you prepare. 

If you have any music related questions, our professional music staff would be glad to help you out.  Whether it's questions about purchasing a piano, purchasing a guitar or any other instrument, or whether you would like a recommendation on a good piano tuner etc., if we can't answer the questions ourselves, we can get in touch with the right person in our network and will get back to you shortly. We have regular music recitals that we encourage our students to attend.  Though not required, the recitals give students the opportunity to perform in front of a real audience.  Our recital attendances are usually around 120, and we usually have 30 to 40 performers of all different instruments and voice.  For more information about our company Teachers 2 Go, please go to our website www.Teachers2GoHouston.com
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